Sunday, January 9, 2011

A-Z mean of LOVE !

Accept you as you are.
Believe in having fun.
Cherish time together.
Dream big dreams.
Enrich, comfort and delight.
Follow up and follow through.
Grow forever memories.
Honor each other's feelings
Invite you into their heart.
Just call to say "How are you?"
Know when something's up.
Love you, no matter what.
Multiply joys and divide sorrows.
Nurture each other's souls.
Overcome adversity together.
Pick you up when you are down.
Quickly forgive & make up.
Remind you of your greatness.
Smile when they think of you
Thrive on shared trust.
Understand when to 'just' listen.
Value time together.
Walk with you, side bu side.
Xperience ups and downs.
Yearn to stay connected.
Zest to live, love & laugh.

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