Saturday, January 8, 2011

Find a GUY . . .

FIND a guy who calls you 
BEAUTIFUL, instead of HOT.
Who calls you back when you hang up 
on him. Wait for the boy who KISSES 
your forehead. Who wants to shows you
off to the WORLD when you are in 
sweats. Who holds your HAND in 
 front of his friends. Who thinks you are 
just as PRETTY without makeup 
on. One who is constantly reminding
you of how much he CARES, and
LOVES being with you, and how he's
the LUCKIEST guy in the world to
have you. The one who turns to his 
friends and says "THAT'S HER!"

P/S : I think I had FIND this kind of guy :) 
       He's the one, ALIP AKMAL my dinasour ! RAWWWWRRRR .


  1. sweet :) nak curi ayt nie blh ? hee

  2. haha. curik lah . nanti bagi dekat boy you :)